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---Behealthy Whampoa Military Academy

Ningbo Bing Hang Technology Co. Ltd. in December 2016 formally established law Aviation College, is committed to developing the enterprise internal management personnel and external enterprise lean management benchmarking, establish enterprise management training base in an open, build industry management benchmarking school Ningbo manufacturing area.
College orientation: to become the forefront of the implementation of organizational strategy; focus on talent development, enhance the ability of enterprises to copy quickly; build learning organizations and disseminate the best practice experience.
School motto: the unity of knowledge and practice, temper endeavour
We always uphold the principle of "Chinese and Western hang Institute" through ancient and modern teaching ideas, for enterprises to build leadership and technical personnel, to lay a solid foundation for the realization of the target of "Ningbo Whampoa  military academy.
We all hang hang Institute is bing furnace base, employee learning and development organization and the highest centralized, to encourage the employees especially the management of cadres and business experts to share their wisdom and experience through this platform, to create a good atmosphere for the exchange to promote knowledge sharing. The Institute of navigation will become the spiritual home for those who sail.


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