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    The company's product testing center is set up according to international standards, including noise test, safety testing, life testing, material testing, EMS testing, measurement room, etc., is one of the few industries pass the Rhine TUV, UL, CE and other international standards witness test center.


  Behealthy established a perfect coverage of the entire life cycle of product safety and security system, strictly follow the ISO13485, ISO9001 and GB4706 and other standards. Behealthy is taking design and Research Institute testing center as a platform, through constantly improving product safety management structure, and constantly improve the coverage of product development, supply chain, security mechanism, manufacturing and other areas of the product life cycle, to ensure global customers to provide safe products. In the selection of product accessories, the company follow the "green, health-oriented" concept. The first in the industry to use fourth generations of solvent-free high-grade environmental fabrics, to ensure users’ health. Other electrical, plastic and other materials used strictly comply with ROHS, REACH environmental standards.