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Excellent middle executive ability

  In July 15, 2017, following the "how to build a leadership team of high executive force" training course, the institute once again joined hands with the Fenghua District Bureau of letters, organized a "excellent middle executive power (efficiency) promotion" training course. The training aims to enhance the executive ability and overall quality of middle-level cadres, enhance their sense of communication and team consciousness, and build a "learning type" and "efficient" excellent team.

  In the course of "concept explanation + case analysis + group discussion" in the form of the Bing hang Institute invited well-known experts actual execution: Ren Xin Miao teacher, combined with the actual situation of science and technology is done, the middle-level cadres in the network management role, influence staff performance, with the team cohesion etc. A wonderful explanation.


  Through training, middle-level cadres have more profound understanding of executive power, and have realized the importance of middle-level cadres to the whole team. After the training, they also said that in doing their job at the same time, to lead their own team, and further play the role of leading cadres, and strive to build efficient implementation team.


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