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Displaying professional skills and inheriting craftsman Spirit -- the first skills competition of Hang Hang

  In order to further improve the basic quality of science and technology workers grasp, enhance practical ability, employees show good mental outlook, July 15, 2017, "Bing hang Cup" the first exhibition contest officially kicked off, the skills contest is divided into administrative skills and manufacturing skills, nearly 400 people in skills contest.


  The skills contest, involving all sectors of science and technology of the company law, administrative skills competition is mainly carried out in the actual work of office software operation, technical drawing, CAD knowledge contest, the culinary competition module; manufacturing mainly to the front-line staff practice operation, such as sewing, welding, stamping, assembly, inspection, palpation of skin forklift and packing category.


  By hosting the contest, allowing employees to fully display themselves, to promote mutual exchanges and mutual learning, found that lack of timely improvement methods and skills, form a good learning atmosphere! In addition, Bing will organize all kinds of safety science and technology skills competition, through various forms of competition level and exchange activities strengthen the company, job skills, and take the opportunity for skills and experience exchanges, enhance the awareness of quality and efficiency of employees.


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